Medication Drug Recalls

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes sure a drug is rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness before becoming available to the public. Once in the market, the FDA, along with the makers of the drug, continue to monitor it for any unforeseen problems. Should an issue develop, or the safety of a medication comes into question, a recall may be initiated.

Some common reasons drugs are recalled:

  • Health Hazard

  • Mislabeled or Packaged poorly

  • Potentially contaminated

  • Poorly manufactured

In the case of a drug recall, your Stanford Healthcare Advantage plan will post them on this page for you to view and discuss with your Prescribing Physician.

  • Current Drug Recalls (Past 60 Days)

  • Metformin ER – Apotex and Amneal Brands – All Strengths 06.2.2020

  • Drug Recalls Archive (Greater than 60 Days)

  • Ranitidine – All Strengths – All Brands 04.2.2020

  • Ranitidine 150mg and 300mg capsules [Sandoz Inc. Brand] 09.24.2019

  • Natpara (parathyroid hormone) injection – all doses [Takeda Ltd.] 09.17.2019

  • Limbrel 250mg and 500mg (OTC) [Primus Pharmaceuticals] 9.17.2019

  • Valsartan-Amlodipine-Hydrochlorothiazide Combination Tablets [Teva Brand] 11-2018

  • Valsartan-Amlodipine Combination Tablets [Teva Brand] 11-2018

  • Thyroid Tablets [8-2018]

  • Valsartan tablets [7-2018]

  • Taytulla Softgel Capsules 1mg/20mcg Inner Blister pack [6-2018]

Refer to the FDA for more detail:


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